How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Email List

Email Audience Growth Growing Your List (Adding Subscribers) How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Email List

How to grow your email list using YouTube.

First, include calls to action in your videos. Within your YouTube videos, make a point to ask viewers to subscribe to your email list. Explain the benefits they’ll receive by signing up, such as exclusive content, early access to videos, or special offers.

Second, leverage your video descriptions. Utilize the description box under your YouTube videos to include a link to your email sign-up page. Make the offer clear and enticing – tell viewers what they’ll gain by subscribing to your email list.

Third, create content that naturally leads to your email list. Produce videos that complement or expand upon the content available to your email subscribers. For example, if you offer a detailed guide as a lead magnet, create a video covering an overview or a related topic.

Fourth, use YouTube cards and end screens. These features allow you to promote your email list directly within your videos. Place cards during moments when you mention your email list or use end screens to encourage viewers to subscribe as the video concludes.

Fifth, pin a comment about your email list. You can pin a comment to the top of the comments section of each video with a call to action and a link to your email sign-up form. This increases the visibility of your invitation.

Sixth, offer exclusive content for subscribers. Mention in your videos that email subscribers get access to exclusive content that isn’t available on YouTube. This could be behind-the-scenes footage, extended interviews, or downloadable resources.

Seventh, collaborate with other YouTubers. Partner with YouTubers in your niche and promote each other’s email lists. This can help you reach a broader audience that is already interested in similar content.

Eighth, engage with your audience. Respond to comments on your videos to build a community around your channel. Engaged viewers are more likely to subscribe to your email list.

Finally, consistently provide value. Ensure that your YouTube content is valuable and engaging. If viewers find your videos helpful or entertaining, they are more likely to be interested in signing up for your email list.

By utilizing these strategies, YouTube can be a powerful tool to expand your email list and engage with your audience on a deeper level.