How Frequently to Pitch Your Product

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Here’s how many times to pitch your product within one piece of content.

The frequency of your product pitch within a single piece of content largely depends on the content’s length, format, and context. However, the key is to balance promotional material with value-driven content. Here are some guidelines to consider:

First, for short-form content like a blog post or an article, a general rule is to include your pitch subtly in the introduction, have a more detailed pitch in the middle, and a final call-to-action (CTA) at the end. This 3-point approach ensures that your product is highlighted without overwhelming the reader.

Second, in long-form content such as a webinar or a detailed guide, you can afford to pitch your product multiple times. Start with an early mention to set the context, followed by a more in-depth explanation or demonstration in the middle. End with a strong CTA. You can also sprinkle soft pitches throughout, especially when discussing relevant features or benefits.

Third, for video content, consider the length and purpose of the video. For short videos (under 2 minutes), a single pitch at the end may suffice. In longer videos, you can pitch at the beginning, middle, and end, but ensure these are integrated naturally within the content.

Fourth, in email marketing, be cautious with the frequency of pitches. If it’s a promotional email, the entire content can be focused on the product. But in a regular newsletter, limit the pitch to a section or a noticeable CTA at the end.

Finally, always prioritize providing value. Regardless of the content type, your primary goal should be to inform, educate, or entertain your audience. The product pitch should feel like a natural extension of the value you’re providing, not an interruption.

In summary, the frequency of your product pitch should align with the content’s length and format, while always maintaining a balance with the value offered to your audience.